Cladding Oxfordshire

cladding oxford
Cladding Oxfordshire

Cladding a home involves attaching a secondary material to your external walls in order to better protect it from the weather.

A properly clad home will not be exposed to serious frost damage and rain infiltration will be reduced.

The benefits of cladding on Oxfordshire homes extends further than protection, being the perfect solution to creating a modern external appearance to a property.

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Thame Double Glazing Cladding

The range of cladding at Thame Double Glazing, provides a beautiful finish and the reduction of maintenance.

The traditional material, timber, is commonly still used for cladding Oxfordshire homes. But this comes with many maintenance problems, including the prevention of rot, mould, insects, and rust, all which can damage the appearance of a property.

Cladding offers an eye-catching and affordable way to completely change the appearance of your home, making it look modern and stylish whilst requiring less general maintenance and expensive maintenance, like painting.

With a vast selection of designs and styles to choose from, you are always getting something special when you choose Thame Double Glazing. For any enquires about high-quality cladding, you can contact our expert team at any time.

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