P-Shape Conservatories Oxfordshire

p shape conservatories oxford
P-Shape Conservatories Oxfordshire

At Thame Double Glazing, we have an excellent range of p-shape conservatories.

The unique shape that can be seen when looking down at a p-shape conservatory, is what gives the structure its name. A lot of features from different conservatories are combined in the design of the p-shape conservatory. This enables the freedom to create a design that truly suits the features on your property.

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We offer a number of finishes, including:

  • The option of decorative glass for the sides and fanlights.
  • Polycarbonate, glass, and alternative roof finishes.
  • Multiple coloured and woodgrain effect finishes.
  • Designs with full glazing, or the choice of dwarf wall structures.

Similar products that may be of interest, include our range of lean-to conservatories, Georgian conservatories, and gable conservatories.

P-Shape Conservatories

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